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The Swimming Offer in Limassol

Swimming Lessons in Limassol

Dive into a world of exceptional swimming instruction at Stars Swimming Academy Limassol in Cyprus. Our commitment lies in offering unparalleled swimming lessons tailored for every age group and proficiency level. Renowned as a leading swimming academy, we prioritize delivering the utmost excellence in our classes.

Adults Swimming Lessons in Limassol

Adults Swim Lessons

Never too late, Explore our specialized adult swimming classes tailored to individuals of all skill levels. Whether you’re a beginner eager to learn or seeking to refine your swimming prowess, our certified instructors are committed to guiding adults toward their swimming objectives.

Kids Swim Classes in Limassol

Kids Swim Classes

Immerse your child in an enriching experience with our meticulously tailored swimming classes, catering to every child’s unique journey from novice to advanced levels. Our dedicated instructors prioritize imparting essential swimming techniques such as proper breathing, floating, and stroke refinement, alongside invaluable water safety skills.

Aqua Baby classes in Cyprus

Aqua Baby Happy Time

Experience the joy of Aqua Baby Swimming classes, where parents and little ones dive into essential water safety skills. Together, you’ll master safe water entry and exit, floating techniques, and proper swimming methods guided by our seasoned instructors. Join us as we nurture your child’s swimming abilities, refine techniques, and foster unwavering confidence in the water, all in a supportive and enriching environment.

Private Swimming lessons in Limassol

Private Swimming

Stars Swimming Academy in Limassol excels in providing exceptional private swimming lessons, ensuring each student receives unparalleled instruction within a safe and nurturing setting. Our firm belief in swimming as a vital life skill drives our commitment to guiding students towards their swimming goals, fostering confidence and proficiency in every individual. Join us on this journey as we empower our students to become skilled, confident swimmers through our dedicated instruction and supportive environment.

Group Swimming classes in CYPRUS

Group Swimming

Join our group swimming classes, fostering a dynamic and social atmosphere where students of similar ages and skill levels learn together, embracing the joy of swimming. We’re passionate about utilizing swimming not only as a means to boost confidence and enhance fitness but also to cultivate vital life skills like discipline, focus, and perseverance. Dive into a holistic learning experience that goes beyond strokes and techniques, nurturing character and capabilities in a supportive group setting.

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We value your time and aspirations, aiming to create a seamless and tailored swimming program that aligns perfectly with your schedule and objectives. Dive into this form to embark on an aquatic adventure where every stroke leads you closer to achieving your swimming goals.

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Agios Tychon, Roikou, Limassol, Cyprus



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Everyday 07:00 AM - 18:00 PM

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Why Swim With Stars Swimming School

Discover the Stars Swimming School difference – a commitment to delivering unparalleled swimming experiences for all. Our hallmark lies in selecting only certified, dedicated, and seasoned instructors, ensuring every student receives a fulfilling and positive swim journey.

When it comes to choosing the best swimming classes in Limassol, look no further than our esteemed academy. We stand proud in providing the pinnacle of swimming education in Cyprus, tailored to cater to beginners and advanced swimmers alike. With meticulously crafted programs, we assure you an enriching swimming experience that aligns perfectly with your skill level and aspirations. Dive into excellence with Stars Swimming School today.